Arman Shahr

Where is the utopia? I always ask myself, when can man spend these few mornings of his life like other creatures in this universe, free from all these increasing self-made difficulties?


In the course of human transformation, Ashraf is a creature and is called the supreme being, the cause and witness of many horrible destructions in the field of nature and the destruction of his fellow human beings and more than hundreds of other beings, and this journey continues to this day. It has taken on eternity, and the question remains, where is this human being and human being heading in the universe?


My works, which over the past few decades to the present day have raised the question of who has constantly nestled in the depths of my mind and thought and shouted, Man, O Ashraf of creatures, all this destruction? All this destruction, all this cruelty? until where ? How long? It has been a long time since you put all this virtue, ability and salvation into the hidden post of selfishness of all bad qualities, and these few mornings of your life you have made yourself and other fellow human beings and other beings intolerable. Why? The question is, despite all these inventions of exploring other tools for our own comfort, how did we become unaware of the alphabet of life? The other creatures we look down on and the animals we name with all the violence at the heart of their struggle for survival. They live together with love and affection, far from destructive greed and destructive extravagance, they have given themselves to the flow of life. But man, this Ashraf of technological creatures, insatiable consumerism, always diligent in destroying the planet, which in recent decades has led countless species of creatures directly or indirectly to the abyss of extinction and even taken them out of life, and the sum of inventions And human discoveries have been in the hands of the owners of gold and silver for centuries, and the advice of elders and advisors who lead man to salvation is also a flip to man who instead of waging war and destroying the destruction of his environment and other creatures to walk a better life. But in machine life, we see that man is caught in the circle of all kinds of tragic physical and mental illnesses. Therefore, my works are the crystallization of the important point that human self-awareness and without exaggeration of scientists and great human beings, a new human being should be far from all ugliness, as befits the name of Ashraf Creatures. You are set up with Andy The fertile and immortal councils in the world of creation follow the path of human prosperity.

Hossein Mahjoubi