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About Master


Professor Hossein Mahjoubi was born in 1309 in Lahijan and turned to painting as a teenager. In 1329, as a result of an incident, accompanied by Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi, he went to Alborz High School in Tehran to continue his secondary education, and then in 1338, he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the field of painting. He also took architecture courses.




Master and his paintings are known in Iran and the world. Among his lasting works in the field of architecture, design and construction of Saei Park in Tehran in 1342 and supervising the construction of Mellat and Niavaran parks in Laleh and Jamshidia, Kourosh and Khazaneh, as well as the first desert parks in Iran in the following years.

Gallery of works

Solo Exhibition


Year 1337

The first solo exhibition in Mehregan Club of Tehran on January 7th


Year 1343

Solo exhibition in Saba Gallery, Tehran


Year 1344

Solo exhibition in Burgess Gallery, Tehran