Opening of the garden hall of Negarestan Museum

افتتاح سالن باغ موزه نگارستان

افتتاح سالن باغ موزه نگارستان

This work of art of Hossein Mahjoubi, who is known as the painter of paradise among the people of art, has been dedicated to the University of Tehran. Different periods of the life of this veteran artist will be permanently displayed in the garden of the Negarestan Museum and in a special hall called Master Mahjoubi.


Hossein Mahjoubi was born in 1309 in Lahijan and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran in 1338 with a degree in painting. He also took architecture courses.


Mahjoubi and his paintings are well known in Iran and a selection of his works are kept in prestigious museums and treasures and is always successful in the art market. Performed and supervised the construction of Mellat, Niavaran, Laleh, Jamshidieh, Kourosh and Khazaneh parks, as well as the first desert parks in Iran.


In 1974, he established the Mahjoubi Museum House. He is one of the most prolific prominent artists and stylists with about 100 solo performances and participation in hundreds of group exhibitions in Iran and other countries.

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